St. Notburga's in Eben-Maurach - Austria

Hl. Notburgakirche - Maurach am Achensee Tirol


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One of Tirol's most beautiful baroqu-style churches.
Built in 1434, the church is consecrated to Saint Notburga.

Notburga was born in Rattenberg in 1265. At the age of 18 she came to serve at Rottenburg Castle, for Duke Heinrich I. Notburga gave to the poor what was left of the Duke's dinner. When the duke and his wife died and their son, Duke Heinrich (married to stingy Ottilia), took over, Notburga had to leave the castle together with the poor.

Notburga worked as a maid in Eben. She spoke up for work-free evenings and Sundays.

When Duchess Ottilia died, Notburga forgave her and returned to Rottenburg Castle on request of the young duke. With her, peace returned to the castle and the poor were offered food and a place to live.

Notburga died at Rottenburg Castle in 1313.
Her body was placed on a carriage and two oxen pulled it through the Inn river and on to the Ruperti Chapel in Eben (Lake Achensee). Legend has it that angels unloaded the coffin and the oxen left with their carriage.

Soon many people started visiting her grave and worshipping her like a saint.

In 1718 Notburga's bones were dressed elaborately and have been displayed in a glass shrine since 1738, when the present church was consecrated.

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Pilgrims' mass every Wednesday at 3pm; the museum next door is open from 4pm

Saturday mass at 6pm (occasionally alternative venue in winter)
Sunday mass at 9am
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