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"Where the Ice Man was found" - Ötztal Valley

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Ötzi - The Iceman

It was pure chance that on September 19, 1991 German tourists discovered a mummified corpse in the ice of the Similaun glacier at the Hauslabjoch.

The Iceman was discovered in an altitude of 3,200m and is known as the oldest mummified body of a European hunter until this day.

The radio-carbon method proved that the Iceman belongs to the Stone Age. About 5000 years ago he hiked from the Vintschgau in South Tirol across the mountains. With the help of a pollen analysis it was possible to prove that the backmost part of the Oetztal valley was a typical pasture, even 6000 years ago.

The equipment of the Iceman consisted of a non-taut bow made of yew, a fur quiver with 14 arrows which also held equipment made of bones, sharpened tops of red deer which were wrapped with raffia, a flint knife with flint stone blades, copper arrows, a back pack, as well as various food leftovers of animals.

Route Description
From Vent (1,900m) through the Niedertal valley to the Similaunhütte hut (3,019m, 4 hour walk). The last half and hour leads you over the Niederjoch-Ferner - please stay on the trail. From the Similaunhütte hut a trail runs along the ridge to the place of the finding (3,200m, 1 hour walk).
Equipment:High mountain boots with grip sole, rainwear and sun wear, warm clothing.

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