Waldviertler Textilstraße - Weitra

° Old Textile Fabric museum Weitra
° Living Textile museum Groß Siegharts
° First waving museum of the Waldviertel in Waidhofen a.d. Thaya

These three museum represent the "Textile street of the Waldviertel" in a working team.

The history of the Waldviertel has long been weaved into the history of the textile industry. From traditional flax and sheep's wool production, the weaver guilds, the private spinning machines and production in the early manufactories, from the freelance home spinners and the dependent home spinners to the large-scale forms of the spinning & weaving industry, the production of textiles and its commercial business in the Waldviertel has marked people and landscape. Constantly, we stay on the tracks of old textile manufacturing - at farms, on market squares, in old plants and weaving lines, in house-, street- and other names, in tales and stories. The Textile street of the Waldviertel invites you to excursions and discovery trips of history and present in the textile region Waldviertel.
40 stops provide varied insights into the broad variety of techniques and forms of businesses, as well as working and living conditions of the textile industry over the course of time.
Further information can also be found in the book "Textile street of the Waldviertel" by Dr. A Komlosy, printed by ProMedia Publisher, Vienna, available at the 3 museums.

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