Aschach a. d. Donau

The Trauner Barge - Aschach a. d. Donau

Aschach  a.  d.  Donau Upper Austria

In time long past, the ,Trauner´ was a cargo barge navigating Upper Austria´s rivers.

Upper Austria´s rivers have always been trade routes of high importance. In earlier times, the Danube allowed traffic for the ,Trauner´ which were flat-bottomed, shallow-draft cargo purpose barges which could be rowed, sailed, towed or poled.

Some museums still feature so-called "Stoabock", massive wooden wheelbarrows with thick metal fittings on that weigh some 80 kilograms. Filled with stones, of which the smaller ones had some 30 kilograms, the carts were then taken to the jetty and on to the Trauner by one single man - who had to push around 300 kilograms!

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