Zinngießerhaus Tin Foundry Museum - Austria

The Zinngießerhaus, one of the oldest buildings within the region, was a part of the town´s fortification next to the old archway.

The tin foundry existed until the 20th century and was owned by the popular Eibl family until 1909. In 1965 the civil guard association purchased the building and redesigned it as their home and club house.

On the ground floor you can still visit the armory, the tower hosts the foundry itself with many interesting exhibits: old models and drafts, grinding instruments, tin products and many more original pieces. A spiral staircase is leading to the first floor comprising the heraldic room and the comfortably equipped exercise parlor.

One of the most remarkable features is the recently renovated "Wasserburger Fähnlein", a tiny flag in remembrance of the civil guard´s combat in the German town of Wasserburg during the Thirty Years´ War.

Stadtamt Mattighofen
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