Braz Nature Trail - Vorarlberg

Braz Vorarlberg

Braz Nature Trail

The nature trail was a project of the primary schools of Ausserbraz and Innerbraz and was opened on July 2, 1994. The aim was to give access to a wonderful, partly unknown, hiking area. Along the trail you will find 40 different stations with information about fauna, flora, history, climate, water supply and transport.
Furthermore the trail offers a magnificent view and many idyllic spots.

Route: Gasthof Traube bus station - 100m down to the valley to Mühletobel-Brücke - crossing the stream above the bridge - Winkeltobelwald - railway underpass - crossing Mühlekreisweg - Lötscherweg - Lötsch - crossing Mühlebachweg - road to the Böden - path crossing the stream leading to Bockwerkweg - Rütenen - way down to Fleischerek - before crossing Masonbach turn left to the town hall - Hauptschule bus station. Or the other way round. Car parks are provided on both sides and the route is demonstrated on signs.

Klostertalerstr. 70
6751 Braz, Austria

E-Mail: info@klostertal.info
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