Bödner rough pastures - Vorarlberg

Bödner Magerwiesen nature reserve

Above Gafreu in Innerbraz there are many meadows covering the area up to the banks of Masonbach. The landscape around Bödner Magerwiesen is untouched and unspoilt. It's characterised by meadows with hedges, pieces of rocks and stones, which have been collected by the farmers to mark the borders.
Masonbach has its source below the mountain called Masoner Schafberg. The natural bed of the mountain stream is characterised by flood plains. The stream turns into an 80m-high waterfall and runs on to the valley in a bed with boulders.
The meadows are not used as pastures, no dung is put on them and they are cut only once a year (July 10 - 15).
The biodiversity of the area is huge, as shows the long list of different (rare) plants and animals.

You can reach the Bödner Magerwiesen from Braz via a nature trail.

Further information at http://www.vorarlberg.at/pdf/naturschutzgebiet_boedner.pdf

Oberhalb der Parzelle Gafreu/Innerbraz
6751 Braz, Austria