Achensee Region

Häuserer Bichl Chapel - Achensee Region

Häuserer Bichl Kapelle - Maurach  am  Achensee Tirol

Beautiful iconographic painting of the Holy Mother. Her face transpires peace, patience, and understanding, although there are drops of blood falling from her forehead over her face and onto her child.

The Latin inscription "In Graemio Matris Sapientia Patris" translates as "The Father's Wisdom sits on the Mother's Lap". This extraordinary painting was moved into the new chapel where it serves as altarpiece.

When Josef Stocker went to war in 1944 he vowed to rebuild the chapel in case he'd return home. Due to a lack of building material just after the war he finished the chapel only in 1949.

Häuserer Bichl in Maurach
6212 Maurach, Austria

Tel.: +43(5243)5355