1st District - Innere Stadt

Bermuda Dreieck - 1st District - Innere Stadt

Ruprechtskirche church is at the very heart of the Bermuda-Dreieck pub district.

Looking down to Morzinplatz, a memorial catches the visitor's eye. Seitenstettengasse hosts a synagogue that accommodates the local Jewish community. It is the only synagogue in Vienna that endured the devastation of Jewish synagogues and temples in 1938.

In the late 1970s a number of pubs and bars were opened in the narrow, medieval streets between Rabensteig, Judengasse and Seitenstettengasse and they soon became highly popular among the Viennese.

The name Bermuda-Dreieck (Bermuda Triangle) is due to the fact that numerous night owls vanished and emerged after a few days with no memory of what had happened to them and where they had been...

Public transport:
U1, U4 - Schwedenplatz
Bus no. 2A

Gebiet um die Ruprechtskirche
1010 Wien, Austria