Achensee Region

Eben Nordic Track - Achensee Region

Maurach  am  Achensee Tirol
open from: 12/17/16 - 4/1/17

Winter Hiking Trails: 30 km

Level: easy
Signposting: blue
Distance: 4.4 km
Style: classic 4.4 km

The sunny track takes you across gently rolling meadows and back to the point of departure. Enter the track at Hotel Huber Hochland.

Cross-country skiing without a handicap
The sunny track in Eben at Lake Achensee is suitable for handicapped sports enthusiasts at a slightly advanced level. Total length: 4.4 km

Informationsbüro Maurach
Achenseestr. 5
6212 Maurach am Achensee, Austria

Tel.: +43(5243)5355
Fax: +43(5243)5355 25


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