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Maurach  am  Achensee Tirol

The Eckpfeiler, with its red-ish rocks, is one of the Rofan mountain range's most popular climbing destinations.

The routes are of modest difficulty but are rather steep. The rock face is similar to those in the Dolomites. The rocks are much more solid than they look.

Rock quality: horizontally orientated lime similar to the Dolomites
Route length: up to 4 rope lengths
Difficulty: (French rating)
up to 5b: 3 routes
up to 6b: 8 routes
up to 7a+: 3 routes (In addition to these routes there are some classic routes which have not been prepared)
Facing: South, East and North
Altitude: 2,067 m
Safety: Niro pitons, adhesive hooks
Suited to children: No

How to get there?
From the Rofanseilbahn top station descend on the ski piste. At the small lake, take the small trails westwards. Then follow a serpentine track up to the southern rock face, or right towards the eastern and northern rock faces. 45 min walk from the top station.

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