Geocaching in Seeboden - Seeboden

Geocaching - Seeboden Carinthia

Seeboden - "Treasure Island" at Lake Millstatt

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt which uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to hide and seek small items (caches) at different external locations.

In a typical cache, people place small objects in a container and hide it in the environment. Using a handheld GPS unit, the geocacher then marks the waypoint measured in longitude and latitude. This is then recorded on a website, along with written clues to the location, the contents and the significance of the cache. Other geocachers can then search for the cache by entering the waypoint in their own GPS unit.

Once found, the geocacher replaces the treasure with something else (equal in value) and leaves a note in the log book.

Geocaching is a great outdoor and nature experience for people of all ages and the perfect way of exploring Seeboden and its surroundings.

Handheld GPS units and coordinates are available from the local tourist office.

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