Circular route: Wochenbrunn-Gaudeamushütte-Going - Austria

Going am Wilden Kaiser Tirol

No 15: Circular route to the Gaudeamus hut via Wochenbrunner Alm pasture and back to Going
Walking time: approx. 4 hours - intermediate

Start: Going village center
Follow the signposts of the Schwendter Rundweg (Circular Route) until you reach the Wolfseggetz-Riedling stand and continue to the Gaudeamushütte hut - Badhausgraben - Rappenmoos - cross the Hausbach stream - left - follow the road to the Kaiserbachsteig path towards Gaudeamushüte hut.
Back to Going via the Märchenwiese pasture - Parma - Turnbichl (well signposted).

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