Waldbad Feldkirch - Vorarlberg

Feldkirch - Feldkirch Vorarlberg

Adventure outdoor swimming pool about 2 km away from the town centre:

adventure pool with a 70-m-slide,wave slide, stream channel, climbing circus, swing gorge, massage bay, playing brook, fountain, blubber bay, gush showers, peninsula..., sports pool with 8 starting desks, 1-m-diving board and diving tower with 3-m-board; Beach-Volleyball and table tennis

handicapped friendly entrance, easy care for babies in the changing unit, extra showers and toilets for children, big sand box and playground

More information you can find under www.feldkirch.com/kkf/fbg4_1.htm

Waldbad Feldkirch
Ortsteil: Gisingen
6800 Feldkirch, Austria

Tel.: +43(5522)76001 3180

E-Mail: waldbad@feldkirch.at

Opening Hours:


Waldbad Feldkirch Facilities & Activities