Neue Donau - Vienna

The Neue Donau is THE recreational paradise for the Viennese. On the Donauinsel, a 200 m wide and many km long area, there are endless beaches (free entrance!), cycling paths, playing and sports facilities, BBQ facilities, restaurants, discos and ice-cream parlors.

The Copa Cagrana at the Reichsbrücke underground station is a popular meeting point for young people from Vienna.

The Lobau area is a mecca for naturists. Nude bathing has a long tradition in Vienna, and the area is not seperated from the rest of the beach.

ATTENTION: Due to E. coli bacteria exceeding the set levels the Neue Donau beach has been closed indefinitely.

Neue Donau
21. und 22. Wiener Gemeindebezirk
1220 Wien, Austria

Tel.: +43(1)4000 96560
Tel.: +43(1)4000 96520


Neue Donau Facilities & Activities