Natural Toboggan Track - Malta

Top Elevation: 1120 m
Base Elevation: 1700 m
Vertical Rise: 580 m
Length: 6000 m

6-km long, well-groomed track. Uphill transport possible. Warm up over a cup of tea or mulled wine at the Friedl inn.

Toboggan rental ATS 30. Uphill transport ATS 20 per child, ATS 30 per adult.

Erna and Friedl are looking forward to seeing you!

Family Josef und Erna Rosenauer
Kleinhattenberg 10
9853 Gmünd, Austria

Tel.: +43 (4732) 3230


Natural Toboggan Track Facilities & Activities

Toboggan Track Operating Seasons
  • Winter
  • Restaurants Nearby
  • Toboggan Rental
  • Toboggan Shuttle Service
Level of Proficiency
  • Moderate


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