Planet Hiking Trail - Bernstein

Can you imagine how small a human being is in our solar system? Hike along our planet hiking trail and you'll know it.

The sun with its 9 planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) is shown in the exact ratio of 1 : 1,1 billion in size and distance.

The starting point is at the main square, starting with the sun - a work of art made of iron - which has a diameter of 1,26m. The models of the planets are hemispheres, made of serpentine, which also have a very detailed description of the shown planet on especially large serpentine finds.

When you follow the green/white signs "Planetenwanderweg" you'll reach the end of the simulated journey through our solar system - namely the planet of Pluto after 5,426m. After an additional 250m you are back at the beginning again.

Alois Wessely Platz 6
7434 Bernstein, Austria

Tel.: +43(3354)6502

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