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Mountain Experience

Hiking and mountaineering offers with certified hike leaders.
Information and reservations: Martin Gasser, phone ++43-4873-5264.

Hiking in the Defereggental:
Panargen circular tour or Rieserferner circular tour.
Rates per person: ATS 820 (3 people), ATS 670 (4 people), ATS 590 (5 people)

Mountains higher than 3,000 m:
Finsterkarpsitze (3,028 m): via Kesselsee, Kesselpater and Südgrat
Lenkstein (3,236 m): via Rosshornscharte and Lenksteinjoch
Totenkarspitze (3,133 m): via Rotermanntörl and Nordwestgrat
Alplessspitze (3,149 m): via Alplesseen and Südgrat
Barmer Spitze (3,200 m): via Patscher Törl
Rates per person: ATS 1,480 (2 people), ATS 1,080 (3 people), ATS 890 (4 people)

Climbing tours in the Defereggental:
Climbing gardens Barmer Hütte or Almer Säule.
Rates per person: ATS 930 (3 people), ATS 770 (4 people), ATS 670 (5 people)

Climbing tours:
Weisse Spitze (2,956 m): via Nordgrat
Blindisspitze (3,000 m): via Südgrat
Alplesspitze (3,149 m ): via Ostgrat or Nordwestgrat
Seespitze (3,021 m): via Ostgrat
Rates per person: ATS 2,900 (1 person), ATS 1,620 (2 people)

Grossvenediger glacier:
Climb from Johanneshütte to Defreggerhaus at 2,963 m (overnight stay), via Rainer Törl to Grossvenediger (3,674 m). Day tour on request. (Climbing time: 5 hours)
Rates per person: ATS 950 (4 people), ATS 800 (5 people), ATS 750 (6 people)

East Tirol´s most beautiful high-Alpine tours:
Hochgall (3,435 m): Overnight stay in the Barmern Hütte
Rötspitze (3,495 m): Overnight stay in the Lenkjöchlhütte or Clarahütte
Simonyspitze (3,488 m): Overnight stay in the Essener-Rostocker Hütte
Dreiherrenspitze (3,499 m): Overnight stay in the Essener-Rostocker Hütte
Grossglockner (3,798 m): Overnight stay in the Stüdlhütte or Adlersruhe
Rates per person: ATS 3,800 (1 person), ATS 2,350 (2 people), ATS 1,750 (3 people)

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