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nightlife of Krems - Krems Lower Austria
A view of the historical town center of Krems at the Danube
Krems at the Danube - Krems Lower Austria

Krems, a town, with a unique flair during every season of the year.

A historical center with beautifully restored houses from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods is awaiting you. This Danube Town has been in existance for over a millennium and this long history is omnipresent. The lively and modern cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques create an interesting counterpoint to this history. Krems is a vibrant town. By the way Krems is the first town in Austria to be declared a "Cittá del Vino" and accepted into the famous guild of Europe?s most famous wine towns.
Krems Lower Austria
This is the boat landing stage on the Danube.
Krems at the Danube - Krems Lower Austria
Historic but still modern
Krems Lower Austria

The Gozzoburg - Stadtpalais of judge Gozzo -

Judge Gozzo had this palais built during the third quater of the 13. century - an Italian style palace

Benedictine Abbey Goettweig is situated in 449m above sea level, south of the town Krems at the Danube.

Benedictine Abbey Goettweig (founded in 1083) is also called the "Montecassino of Austria"!

The baroque monastery faicility was rebuilt by the imperial court architect Johann Lukas of Hildebrandt after a fire had nearly completely destroyed the monastery in 1718.The show-rooms in the museum,the monumental emperor stairs crowned by the impressive ceiling fresco created in 1739 by Paul Troeger (1698-1762).

The Danube and the fantastic scenery

of the Wachau invite to a relaxing vacation in Krems.
Photos: Günter Kargl - Krems Lower Austria

The romantic old town of Krems!

The old town of Stein

Simandlbrunnen Fountain: Memorial to a character from local legend: Simandl, the henpecked husband

The Schüsselamt: was the administrative centre of the goods of the regional lord
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