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Wellness ABC (A-L)

is served at Marktrestaurant St. Johanner Hof from 6pm to 8pm.
We recommend to arrive at least by 7pm, because otherwise you have not enough time to try all those delicacies. Our buffet is very abounding, so take smaller portions in order to make it to the desserts. If something is out, just ask and we'll make sure that you don't go hungry! Our staff would be happy to take care of you and your empty plates and glasses!

A selection of drinks from our AI Menu is available from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Tea and Granny’s tasty cakes are also included!

We happily help you planning any trips. St. Johann also offers several small tourist agencies that organize great excursions and outings.

In the basement we offer a Baby Station with water heater, microwave oven and baby food; open 24/7.

Please pay your bill one day before your departure. This way we have more time for a little "farewell chat" on the day you leave ... .

You can get stamps at the Reception. We can also post your letters and cards for you!

Starts at 8am and ends at about 10:30am.

Price per night - summer Euro 4, winter Euro 7
Open until midnight. Our favorite drinks and drinks specials are chalked up on a blackboard.

We have two Internet terminals - one in the lobby, one in the bar - where you can email and browse the web for free. You can also bring your own laptop and plug into the Internet in your room. Enjoy super fast surfing fun for a flat rate of Euro 5 per night or pay on an hourly basis: 3 hours = Euro 2 / 6 hours = Euro 3 / 12 hours = Euro 4.

Eva will keep your little ones entertained with exciting games, competitions and crafting sessions. All you have to do is register your little treasure one day in advance at the reception (by 6pm).

We have plenty of paperbacks etc. to choose from. Please return them to the shelf when you are done!

Our "electronic masseur" is located at St. Johanner Hof.
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