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Berghof Sturmgut: Charming Setting & Skiing

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Berghof Sturmgut: Charming Setting & Skiing - accommodation rating


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(Average 4.8)
Your dream family holiday - you never want to leave
Although a bit on the expensive side, this place is the ideal family vacation location. Just perfect from all perspectives. Its setting is the most wonderful place I have almost ever seen (and have been around to all continents a few times) with almost unreal green alpine meadows, the views of the wild rocky peaks that seem so unbelievably close you can almost touch them; the pine forests, farms and the cute alpine village - all combined in one panorama. Then, there are so many activities for the kids they never even want to leave the house - for all ages: the gocarts, tabletennis, trampoline, pool, playground, playroom, etc. Also for the bigger "kids" - the wellness area is so "appetising", but we were enticed with so many other activities that we did not even get into it. It is because they are members in the so-called "phyrn-card", and with this so many great organised and other activities are offered for free, you always have another interesting t
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Family 2 adults + more than 2 children
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(Average 5)

Everything you really can ever dream of from a Bauernhof. See above. The only downside is perhaps the internet: it is too weak in the rooms, and the dining room (the only place where it is strong enough) has limited hours when you can sit there surfing.

(Average 5)

amazing... you just never want to leave there are so many new things to try, also in the house, in the garden, in the village, on the mountain, and in the vicinity. the pyhrn-card gives you fantastic oppourtnities to do a lot of great things for free; also many great ideas for kids activities (as well as adult ones).
Value for money:

(Average 5)

although on the expensive side, you really get so much for your money that I doubt it is possible anywhere else (perhaps only in a luxury hotel, but there you do not have the more private and quiet setting, etc.

(Average 4)

I only gave a 4 because they were rather unfriendly when we also wanted to rent a room that we knew was free for our friends for two nights; but they did not even want to hear about this (even though the website does not specify against short stays). They were also not too flexible when we asked them if they could at least have their meals there - one would think they would want more business but it did not seem so. And this was not communicated in a too friendly manner; but retrospectively it is probably the Austrian down-to-business manner. I really cannot complain about anything with the service while on the farm; everything was solved when we needed something.
Food arrangement:

(Average 5)

see above.
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