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Berghof Sturmgut: Charming Setting & Skiing

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Dolomitensteig Hinterstoder

Dolomitensteig Hinterstoder

Hinterstoder's most beautiful hiking trail.

dolomitensteig_hinterstoder - Karte, Blick Lögerhütte und Almkogel 2116 m - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder
Start at Gasthaus Baumschlagerreith, from the parking lot turn right immediately in front of the stables, continue on a toll road until you come to the first turn. There take the small catwalk until you reach another trail, cross the stream and then turn right into the old pasture trail.

Take the old pasture trail to get to Hochsteingraben, cross it and climb the steep serpentines for about 200m through the forest. Reach the first ridge at an altitude of 1,000m and rest there. Climb Hochstein (easy climbing) to enjoy stunning views.

Descend to Buchenschacher, from there take the winding trail upwards. Reach the first alpine pasture with hut and reach the first two mountain inns from where you enjoy stunning views of Totes Gebirge. To the right, you can marvel at the Lögerhütte plateau and Almkogel summit (2,116m) is in the background (image).

Pass Hochsteinalm and Nickeralm and ascend to Lögeralm with the Lögerhütte hut (1,360m). Ideal resting place with stunning views of Totes Gebirge.

Hinterstoder Dolomitensteig

Walking time: 4-5hrs. Map via email on request.

hinterstoder_dolomitensteig - Schlüsselstellen - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder
Dolomitensteig - no marks from here, no official hiking trail. Walk between the hut and the stable, ascend right to the edge of the forest. You can easily make out the trail through the meadow.

Follow the trail into the forest and reach the first ridge.

Now you have to have total surefootedness and no fear of heights. Cross a slope on which the trail is not too good and you can easily slide off (top left image).

Proceed along the Hochsteinscharte slope to reach rocky terrain. Great views. Some rope secured passages (top center image).

Descend to Schwarzgraben, hold on to the rope and descend backwards to the water-bearing ditch (most difficult passage, top right image). With a bit of luck you will see a falcon or an eagle flying above ragged peaks.

From here, the trail gets a bit easier, but remains demanding.

Dolomitensteig Hinterstoder

Dolomitensteig Hinterstoder is Stodertal´s most beautiful hiking trail.

hinterstoder_dolomitensteig - Panoramablicke - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder
Schwarzgraben – high alpine oak woods – impressive rock formations – great views of Totes Gebirge – Stodertal (image) – varied path – Schwarzkogel – descend to high alpine woods – gravel ridge – Poppensand – stone figures – fir trees – Poppenalm – Salzsteig trail – Baumschlagerreith (you can visit Steyr springs).

You can also hike in the opposite direction – Hochsteinalm pasture – Hochsteingraben (steep descent, good condition required).

General: information
Hight: 727 m – 1,409 m
Length: 10.73 km
Walking time: 4-5 hrs
Total difference in altitude covered: 2,071.6 m (1,041 m uphill and 1,030 m downhill)
Good shoes required.
Parking site at Gasthaus Baumschlagerreith.
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