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Berghof Sturmgut: Charming Setting & Skiing

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Hinterstoder Hiking World

Beautiful trails in the Hinterstoder hiking world

Wonderful hikes through the Stodertal valley

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Startpunkt der Rundwanderwelt hinter dem Gemeindeamt - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder
Introduced in May 2007, the loop trails of the Hinterstoder hiking world lead you past the most beautiful places in Stodertal.

The offer ranges from short walks, like the village tour, and routes at medium altitude with stunning views of the Stodertal mountain scenery, to easy alpine tours in the rocky Hutter-Höss area, up to an altitude of around 2,000 m above sea level, without any too challenging ascents or descents.

And the good news is, you will never be starving while tackling any of these routes, as they all lead to cozy mountain restaurants on the way.

Our special viewing platforms will enable you to relax while taking in the breathtaking panorama, such as the view of Stodertal from Poppenberg or the view of Dachstein on the way to Schafkogel.

Hinterstoder hiking world - be informed

Excellent information in and behind the town hall, signposting, maps

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Gemeindehaus mit Inforaum Rundwanderwelt - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder
Your best bet is to simply walk into the town hall and go to the information office on the right hand side.

There is a starting point for all tours behind the town hall as well as seven other information points in the valley, where you will receive important information such as km, altitudes, durations, GPS data, restaurants and necesssary equipment.

The signposting system is especially easy to follow with each route given its own color.

The Hinterstoder hiking map (with booklet) gives you all information you need. On a scale of 1:35,000 you will see all routes in their individual colors, plus information about altitudes, durations and detailed pictures of the trails.

Hinterstoder hiking world

Loop trails

wanderurlaub-in-oesterreich - Startplatz im Ort & ein Schild am Rundwanderweg - Berghof Sturmgut - Bergidylle pur & neben Skipiste Hinterstoder
Village promenade: 2.9 km; 1 hr
Kneipp promenade: 2 km; 3/4 hrs
Flötzersteig: 22 km; 8 hrs
Öttl tour: 5.7 km; 2 1/4 hrs
Poppenberg tour: 10 km; 3 3/4 hrs
Polsterlucken tour: 5.5 km; 2 hrs
Mostbauern (cider farmers) tour: 10 km; 3 3/4 hrs
Stodertal panorama tour: 18 km; 6 1/2 hrs
Stodertal mountain tour: 13 km; 4 3/4 hrs
Steyrsbergerreith tour: 14 km; 5 1/4 hrs
Hutter Böden tour: 3.7 km; 1 hr
Hutterer Almen alps tour: 7.5 km; 3 hrs
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