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Obertraun - PICTURES

From the seclusion of the village of Obertraun, the cable car up to the Krippenstein emerges.
OBERTRAUN on Lake Hallstatt Image - Obertraun Upper Austria

When you reach the top the endless expanse of the Dachstein massif opens up before you.

There is no other landscape so rich in variety as the Inner Salzkammergut, famous for its stunning mountain ranges and beautiful crystal clear lakes. The Krippenstein on the Dachstein massif is not simply an ideal destination for hiking in summer. There is so much variety of things to do in winter too.
There is something for everyone.
OBERTRAUN on Lake Hallstatt Winter Holidays in Obertraun Image Website - Obertraun Upper Austria

Krippenstein Freeride Arena

The ski piste is 11 km long, and is one of the most beautiful in this part of the alps. Situated between 2100 and 5550 metres above sea level, this is a wonderful experience for all.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and so we have built the "Krippi Park" down in the valley. A thrilling winter adventure for ski novices and children!
OBERTRAUN on Lake Hallstatt Image - Obertraun Upper Austria

"Sekundenjagd" trials and "Mountain Bike Snow Downhill Sprint"

These two events are the highlights of the year for extreme sports fans. Due to improvements in their organisation, the events have grown enormously in popularity in just a few short years, and they attract sports enthusiasts internationally.

An envigorating experience, also for spectators!

OBERTRAUN on Lake Hallstatt Image - Obertraun Upper Austria

Snow shoe hiking on the Krippenstein

High up in the mountains, with the mighty Dachstein massif as back drop, snow shoe hiking is a wonderful, unforgetable experience.
Relax afterwards and enjoy the friendly hospitality provided by the "Lodge am Krippenstein" - a popular venue for skiiers, snowboarders, free riders, tour groups, snow shoe hikers. See the husky dogs and enjoy the splendour of your mountain surroundings.
OBERTRAUN on Lake Hallstatt Image for photo gallery - Obertraun Upper Austria

The Obertraun cross country ski trail - from Lake Hallstatt to the Koppenwinkel Natural Preservation Area.

To get fit, you need to have all the right conditions. Now is the perfect opportunity to try out that sport you have always wondered about. A holiday in Obertraun is the perfect opportunity to turn your hand to something new. Our cross country ski trail is ideal for beginners as well as more experienced skiiers. Nature lovers will adore the idyllic Koppenwinkel nature reserve.

Snow flakes and open fires - pure romance.

Those who wish to escape from it all will enjoy one of the romantic winter walking trails around Obertraun. Beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see in a magical winter idyll. Often the only sounds you will hear are your footsteps on the crisp snow beneath you.
winter - Obertraun Upper Austria

Visit the "5 from stone"

You will no doubt have visited the "5 Fingers" on the Krippenstein in summer. In winter you can visit the "5 from stone". Whether your destination is the Simony Hut or the Wiesberg House ........ from the Lodge you can venture to the Heilbronner Cross or to the Gjaidalm or to the Krippenbrunn as you return to the valley. You can visit each of the catered hut at either the start or the end of a wonderful mountain tour.
OBERTRAUN on Lake Hallstatt Image - Obertraun Upper Austria

The "Glöcklerlauf" is an annual event which takes place in Obertraun on January 5th,

and is a good example of time-honoured tradition celebrated by both the young and the old. Adults and children wear elaborate, illuminated "head decorations" and then parade together through the village.
OBERTRAUN am Hallstättersee Image - Obertraun Upper Austria

Obertraun in summer

There are endless opportunities for visitors throughout the summer months. Enjoy a hike high up in the alps or a pleasant stroll through our valleys. Take a dip in the lake or explore the mystic Dachstein caves.

Want to learn more?

Look at the "Summer Section"on the Tiscover web site!
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