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Annaberg - A Family Paradise in the Mostviertel Alps

Annaberg Lower Austria
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Annaberg. Alps, chasms, horses and the Via Sacra

Life in the country creates peace of mind
Families, people looking for recreation and active people find everything their heart desires in Annaberg. Your perfect summer holiday in this wonderful mountainous nature is guaranteed. Relaxation or activity - Annaberg offers both. The inns, guesthouses and farms are personal, family-friendly and have a very comfortable atmosphere.

Path and destination of the pilgrims
For more than 900 years Annaberg is one of the most important destinations of pilgrimage along the Via Sacra, the holy street to Mariazell. The "Kreuzweg" ("cross path"), which was created according to the inheritance of the famous local artist Prof. Sepp Gamsjäger with e-mail boards, is also very popular.

Challenging heights, wonderful view and fascinating gorges.
A top-tour - also for families - leads you through the well-known Ötscher mountain rifts in the natural park Ötscher-Tormäuer. Special destinations are the Tirolerkogel and the Hennesteck heights.

Haflinger horses
These horses have been bred in Annaberg for 80 years. There are riding stables and farms, which offer rides or courses for all ages. In summer there are some riding camps for children. Experienced horse riders can ride through nature on well-marked paths.
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976 m Elevation
690 Inhabitants
Location: By a mountain, Close to ski slopes
NEW in summer 2009: wild wonders inclusive!
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The big, cost-free adventure package in the Alps of the Mostviertel region

In the summer holidays 2009 our young and older guests have free admission to a lot of different attractions, indulgence and adventure programmes, with the "wild wonder inclusive card". The use of the lift is just as cost-free as climbing or horse-riding. You can't buy these cards anywhere - all guests which stay in one of the "wild wonder inclusive hosts" in Annaberg, Mitterbach, St. Aegyd and Mariazell get one for free.

Rush down into the valley with the monster scooters or the Eibl jet, discover mysterious gorges and caves in the natural preserve Ötscher-Tormäuer, be amazed by the theatre-playing camels, try scuba-diving, ride a horse on the Joachimsberg mountain or bathe in the lidos of Mitterbach, Reith or St. Aegyd: The world around the Ötscher mountain or Gemeindealpe has a lot to offer for children and grown-ups!

This summer owners of a "wild wonder inclusive card" have free admission to 24 different destinations in the Mostviertel region. This special offer starts on July 1, 2009 and ends on August 31, 2009.
Tourismusinformation der Gemeinde Annaberg
Annarotte 14
3222 Annaberg, Austria
Opening Hours
Monday until Wednesday
8.00am until 12.00am
1.00pm until 4.00pm

Thursday and Friday
8.00am until 12.00am
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