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Upper Austria

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Rich in History - Unspoilt Nature in Abundance

Sights and tips for the leisure time in Upper Austria - Austria Superioara

Upper Austria has a wide range of attractions for you and your family to explore in the summer... From splendid monasteries over legendary castles to areas of awesome natural beauty, such as the Kalkalpen National Park.

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Dörnbach Pilgrimage Church
Place of Pilgrimage
Mag Heinz Purrer
Pfarrhofweg 5
4073 Wilhering
Village: Wilhering
Franz Jägerstätter Memorial
Place of Pilgrimage
Gemeinde St. Radegund
St. Radegund 7
5121 St. Radegund,
Village: St. Radegund
St. Radegund Franz Jägerstätter Memorial Thumbnail Image - St.  Radegund Upper Austria
Place of Pilgrimage
Pater Dr. Ludwig Keplinger
Stift Schlierbach
4553 Schlierbach
Village: Inzersdorf
Magdalenaberg Pilgrimage Church
Place of Pilgrimage
P. Dr. Prof. Leonhard Klinglmair
4560 Inzersdorf
Village: Inzersdorf
Maria Pötsch Pilgrimage Chapel
Place of Pilgrimage
Tourismusverband Neufelden
Markt 22
4120 Neufelden,
Village: Neufelden
Pilgrimage Church
Place of Pilgrimage
St. Thomas am Bl. Pfarramt röm.kath.
Markt 1
A-4364 St. Thomas am Blasenstein
Village: St. Thomas a. Blasenstein
Place of Pilgrimage
4814 Neukrichen
Village: Altmünster
"Richtbergtaferl" - Altmuenster Upper Austria
Place of Pilgrimage
4581 Rosenau am Hengstpass
Village: Rosenau
St. Mary's Consolation Church
Place of Pilgrimage
Wallfahrtskirche Maria Trost
Maria Trost 3
A-4150 Rohrbach
Village: Rohrbach
Rohrbach Chapel Maria Trost Image - Rohrbach Upper Austria
St. Mary's Pilgrimage Church
Place of Pilgrimage
Mag. Johann Greinegger
Marktstraße 5
4870 Vöcklamarkt,
Village: Vöcklamarkt
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