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Lower Austria

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The country of culture and nature monuments

Austria Inferioara

Lower Austria offers its guests a tremendous variety of landscapes, cultural treasures and sights.

Without doubt, Lower Austria counts among the most fascinating culture landscapes of Middle Europe. With the Semmering railway and the Wachau valley, already two UNESCO world cultural heritage sites are to be found in the vast country around Vienna. Numerous are the art treasures in more than 600 collections and museums and in 15 monasteries. Impressive are the traces left by the rulers of the long history of Lower Austria: from the Roman Carnuntum to the castles and chateaus of the Babenberger and Habsburger and their lieges to the modern architecture of the governmental district of St. Pölten. Following the traces of nature is possible in the two national parks Donau-Auen and Thayatal and in the 22 nature parks of Lower Austria.

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Mostinfozentrum Ardagger Betriebs- und Errichtungs GmbH
Stift Ardagger 9
3300 Stift Ardagger,
Village: Ardagger
MostBirnHaus Ardagger
Listed Objects
Alte Schmiede
Theme world
Hauptstrasse 36
3562 Schönberg/Kamp,
Village: Schönberg am Kamp
Schoenberg  am  Kamp Lower Austria
Aquarella - Hallenbad
Theme world
Aquarella Hallenbad
Hauptplatz 3 - 5
3202 Hofstetten-Grünau
Village: Hofstetten-Grünau
Hofstetten-Gruenau Lower Austria
Barfußweg Kettlasbrunn
Theme world
2192 Kettlasbrunn
Village: Mistelbach
Theme world
Kirchenplatz 8
im alten Rathaus
2540 Bad Vöslau
Village: Bad Vöslau
Das Kunstmuseum Waldviertel
Theme world
Mühlgasse 7a
3943 Schrems,
Village: Schrems
Theme world
Wienerstraße 45
3252 Petzenkirchen,
Village: Petzenkirchen
Petzenkirchen Haubiversum Thumbnail Image (preview image for search result list) - Petzenkirchen Lower Austria
Kinderprogramm Ferraculus
Theme world
3264 Reinsberg,
Closing Day(s): Tue
Village: Reinsberg
Reinsberg Lower Austria
Theme world
Loisiumallee 1
3550 Langenlois,
Village: Langenlois
Langenlois Lower Austria
Marias Land
Theme world
Mag. FH Friedrich Bleier
Rohrbacher Straße 30
2734 Puchberg am Schneeberg,
Village: Puchberg am Schneeberg
Puchberg  am  Schneeberg Lower Austria
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