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Lower Austria

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The country of culture and nature monuments

Austria Inferioara

Lower Austria offers its guests a tremendous variety of landscapes, cultural treasures and sights.

Without doubt, Lower Austria counts among the most fascinating culture landscapes of Middle Europe. With the Semmering railway and the Wachau valley, already two UNESCO world cultural heritage sites are to be found in the vast country around Vienna. Numerous are the art treasures in more than 600 collections and museums and in 15 monasteries. Impressive are the traces left by the rulers of the long history of Lower Austria: from the Roman Carnuntum to the castles and chateaus of the Babenberger and Habsburger and their lieges to the modern architecture of the governmental district of St. Pölten. Following the traces of nature is possible in the two national parks Donau-Auen and Thayatal and in the 22 nature parks of Lower Austria.

Art/Brut Center Gugging
Museums/Historic Sites Gallery
Hauptstraße 2
3400 Maria Gugging,
Closing Day(s): Mon
Village: Klosterneuburg
Museums/Historic Sites Gallery
Weinmarktplatz 1
2170 Poysdorf
Village: Poysdorf
Poysdorf Lower Austria
Galerie Nachtwächterhaus
Museums/Historic Sites Gallery
Elfriede Lenk
Berggasse 6
2170 Poysdorf,
Village: Poysdorf
Galerie Zeh
Museums/Historic Sites Gallery
Kleinpertholz 35
3860 Heidenreichstein,
Village: Heidenreichstein
Kunst in der Landschaft
Museums/Historic Sites Gallery
Johannes & Charlotte Seidl
Gasteil 1
2640 Prigglitz,
Village: Prigglitz
Kunst Leit´n
Museums/Historic Sites Gallery
Innerschildgraben 48
2832 Thernberg,
Village: Scheiblingkirchen - Thernberg
Scheiblingkirchen  -  Thernberg Lower Austria
Landhausgalerie Ausstellungsbrücke
Museums/Historic Sites Gallery
Regierungsviertel St. Pölten
Landhausplatz 1a
3109 St. Pölten,
Village: St. Pölten
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