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Lower Austria

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Discover Lower Austria's mightiest towns and idyllic villages.

Lower Austria offers space for 3.906 villages and 71 towns, among them the youngest province capital of the world (St. Pölten) and the smallest town of Austria (Hardegg, 80 inhabitants). The old cosy wine villages of the Wachau, the surprisingly well-conserved medieval towns in the Waldviertel, the picturesque wine growing villages of the Weinviertel with their peaceful cellar lanes and the alpine villages of the Mostviertel and of the alpine south - nearly each region of Lower Austria has its typical image. And already the name compositions of individual towns will wake your interest: How will it look like in the Biedermeier town Baden, in the flower city Tulln, in the medieval town Hainburg, in the brewing city Zwettl, in the sekt metropolis Poysdorf, or in the città del vino Krems ... ?

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