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Lower Austria

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Lower Austria - PICTURES

The largest province of Austria is also the country with the greatest variety in holiday ideas. The six holiday destinations - Danube Lower Austria, Mostviertel, Alpine south of Lower Austria, Waldviertel, Weinviertel and the Vienna woods - offer an unparalleled contrast in landscapes and a rich selection of culture, pleasure, wellbeing and sport offers. Be it a weekend trip, a short holiday break, a couple of wellbeing days, a summer resort or winter sport - Lower Austria stands for the completion of your holiday dreams.
Donau Niederösterreich - Austria Inferioara

Danube Lower Austria: a country at the river

The Danube river gently flows through Lower Austria on a total length of 258 km. A river valley that has marked the country, nature just as well as culture. The blue stream has always been a point of attraction: Stone-Age settlers (who have left us the famous "Venus von Willendorf"), Celts, Romans (the archaeological park Carnuntum counts among the most significant Roman excavations of Middle Europe) and dukes have settled at its banks. Wine lovers indulge in the famous vineyards of the Wachau valley and Carnuntum, people interested in culture will find old & modern art treasures in the numerous monasteries, castles and museums, and a truly special treasure starts right behind the capital city Vienna: the national park "Donau-Auen", one of the last great primeval forests of Middle Europe.
Mostviertel - Niederösterreich - Austria Inferioara

Mostviertel: A region of wealth

The Mostviertel is not only the region between the Danube river and the alpine upland, but also the region where must, iron and culture build a unique embrace. In spring, during the time of the fruit tree blossoming, the whole region appears to be floating on a white cloud. Especially on the gently rolling "Mostarrichi"-hills, the core Mostviertel region, where the name "Ostarrichi" has been mentioned for the first time more than 1000 years ago. More acerb are theme and landscape in the North-East: In the culture park "Eisenstraße", show smiths, theme paths and museums demonstrate the development from blunt ore to sharp blades. This is also where the densely wooded hills finally collide with the sharp rocks of the Ötscher, Dürrenstein and Hochkar mountains.
Niederösterreich Süd-Alpin - Austria Inferioara

Alpine south of Lower Austria: region of the magic mountains

The gently rolling hills of the "Bucklige Welt", the dense woods and the rocky cliffs at the Wechsel and Semmering mountains, the vast ridges of the Rax and Schneeberg mountains who lift up their snow-covered mountain tops on more than 2000 m of altitude: Probably no where else in the entire alpine region, you will find such a concentrate of different alpine scenarios like in the southern region of Lower Austria. The recreational potential has already been discovered and used during the 19th century. Summer resorts, culture events like the festivals in Reichenau, active mountainbike or hiking holidays or the individual wellbeing holiday - the alpine south of Lower Austria still continues to be a truly emperial holiday region.
Waldviertel Niederösterreich - Austria Inferioara

Waldviertel: region of power

The north west of Lower Austria has been able to conserve a marvelous nativeness. Nature in the Waldviertel does indeed appear to be more intact, the landscape more peaceful, the food healthier, the people more accessible, and life less diluted.
Meditative meadows, deep needle woods, quiet swamplands, power spots, stones for sacrifices - the Waldviertel is a region of mystical power. An ideal spot to regain peace and vitality. Many villages in the Waldviertel have therefore dedicated themselves to promote health using gentle methodologies. And not less are the spots which invite you to go exercising - golf courses, jogging paths, mountain bike tracks, bathing ponds, etc.
Weinviertel Niederösterreich - Austria Inferioara

Weinviertel: region of wine culture

Gently rolling hills of the Weinviertel. Once you may have mighty wheat, raps or sun flower fields, once you may have impressive vineyards along the southern hillsides - a beautiful symbiosis that lends the region between the Danube and the Thaya river its smooth rhythm. A landscape whose wine is literally right below its skin: There is hardly any wine village in the Weinviertel which has not digged its proper cellar lanes into the soil - romantic like in Falkenstein or mighty like the cellar network in Retz. A region where peace reigns. Even on a bike you won't get out of breath: an extensive bicycle network of nearly 800 km connects idyllic cellar lanes, picturesque vineyards and lovely villages as well as many castles, chateaus and museums.
Wienerwald Niederösterreich - Austria Inferioara

The Vienna woods: country of idle strolls

Already since the Biedermeier Age, the Vienna woods with its densely wooded valleys and hills, thermal springs, romantic villages and many, many Heurigen inns have served stressed city people as their local recreational zone. People hungry for sport will find an incredible network of 6000 km of hiking paths and 900 km of sign-posted mountain bike tracks in the Vienna woods. The thermal springs in Baden and Bad Vöslau do not only attract sport people, but also health tourists. And culture and wine lovers have long discovered the region anyway: The large monasteries like Klosterneuburg and Heiligenkreuz have their proper wine growing estates, and the operetta town Baden combines culinary and classic delights in a perfect kind of way.
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