Nordic skiing, also known as cross-country skiing, is not as popular as alpine skiing but there are more and more aficionados spread all over the country: no wonder that there is a great choice of perfectly groomed nordic tracks. Using special cross-country skiing poles you train shoulders and arms by working on the entire upper body. There are many benefits, ranging from better fat burning to reduced strain on joints, improvement of stability and posture, and toning of the upper body muscles. Additionally, nordic skiing makes a highly effective full-body training! Coupled with awe-inspiring nature exploration, cross-country skiers discover groomed nordic routes in Austria or Switzerland leading right across picture-book winter landscapes embedded in the majestic Alpine scenery. All those who want to try cross-country skiing for themselves or have already planned a nordic skiing holiday are strongly recommended to take a closer look at the great choice of splendid cross-country skiing areas in the Austrian Alps. 

Nordic Skiing:

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