Farm Holidays In Upper Austria

Farm Holidays in Austria

... great adventure and relaxation!

When you feel at home right from the start, your kids trade their computer for our kiddies, you snuggle up in the shade of an apple tree to read a really good book, then you are very likely on a splendid holiday in Upper Austria.

All about children

Witness the farmer´s wife milking the cows and build a tree house with your friends.

Bring your mom eggs fresh from the nest, pluck flowers from the meadow and be sure that the only thing you won´t find around here is boredom.

Enjoy nature

How about a forest picnic with homemade specialties?

Or how does hiking, cycling or mountainbiking sound? The hosts point out to you the best trails for jogging and Nordic Walking.

There are numerous lakes and outdoor baths in the Salzkammergut region. Some farms even have their private pond for swimming. Horse farms are ideal for all lovers of riding while wellness aficionados find everything they want on one of our many health farms.

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Farm holidays in Upper Austria!

If you love snowy winter wonderlands, your kids adore romping about in the snow, you enjoy snuggling up with a good book at the tiled stove - then a farm holiday in Upper Austria is just perfect for you.

Beware, your children might get hooked on the roast apples they devour each night in the farmer´s lounge.

Kids, kids, are you ready for this?

What do you want to do first? Feed the rabbits, make a sled run with your friends, bake Christmas cookies with the farmer's wife or go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride with your parents? The decision is up to you, but one thing is certain: There are lots of things to do on a farm even in winter!

Experiencing genuine traditions...

Pre-Christmas time is a very special time, particularly when spending it on a farm away from the hectic pace of city life. Kids can experience Santa Claus on the farm, bake Christmas cookies and cakes with the farmer's wife and hand-craft Christmas tree ornaments. Stays over Christmas and New Year are available as well.

Active Winter

Do you enjoy being on ice and snow? Upper Austria's varied landscape provides the ideal setting for winter sports enthusiasts. Many farms are located near ski areas and therefore make an ideal starting point for skiing and snowboarding. Some cross-country ski trails run past the farmhouses. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy curling and ice skating. You may also try a horse-drawn sleigh ride or a romantic walk across snow-covered hills and meadows.

Partners of Farm Holidays are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Hotel Industry 2006.

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Farm Holidays In Upper Austria