Holidays on a Farm in Vorarlberg

Life in harmony with nature

Vorarlberg, Austria´s westernmost province, is separated from the rest of Austria by the world-famous Arlberg region and shares borders with Switzerland in the west and Germany in the north.

Bregenz, the region´s capital, is located right at Lake Constance and is known for its cultural festivals and its newly built arts house. Vorarlberg is a multi-faceted region and so are the people and the farmhouses.

As different as they all might be, they have one thing in common: their love for nature. And especially when staying on a farm, you will experience this harmonious symbiosis of man and nature.

High-quality farm produce is a result of this peaceful give-and-take.
During the sommer months cattle and working animals graze on Alpine pastures. Life up there is reminiscent of days long gone, yet it is the present. Life in harmony with nature and weather is best experienced where it is lived. A stay on or a visit to high-lying Alpine farms make for an unforgettable adventure.

Farm houses are worth visiting any time of the year

In summer you can vividly experience life and work on a farm: he harvest, the making of hay, the animals on the pastures, ... plus a lot more.

Spring and fall are the times to celebrate the beauty of nature - and the best time for hiking holidays. An experience of a different kind is a stay on a farm house in winter. Not only because Vorarlberg is a famous winter sports region, but because in winter life on a farm is especially romantic and peaceful.

Quaint farm houses, family life and traditional festivals await the traveler in search of an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Experience country life and adventure on a working farm!

A farm is an ideal place for a family vacation. Children get the opportunity to experience nature first hand.

They can play outdoors, let their imagination run wild and enhance their creativity. Making friends with animals is important for the child´s development.

We prepare our meals with fresh and natural produce, which is a big contribution towards a health-conscious lifestyle.


Farm holidays in Vorarlberg

The small province in the west ...

... is being characterized by the economically very active valley floors and the traditional mountain areas. The agricultural areas make 2/3 of the province.

The rural areas have won attractivity by installing a well planned net of hiking paths. On tracks of various levels of difficulty a family with children but also elderly persons experience the lovely countryside. The owners of the various farms care for this countryside with love to the detail. The farmers of the mountain areas are known to be hosts of genuine hospitality, producers of local specialities and first-class carers of the countryside.

The geographic facts - to the south the province has rising mountains and valley floors - enables a region full of opposites, great for our guests.

A guest who stays on one of the farms has first-class experience of these opposites. Opposites that unite to one whole in the end. Wake up in a cosy farmhouse, accompanied by sounds that are typical for rural surroundings. Peace and recreation can be experienced on the many hiking tracks that weave their way through our province. During a visit to the Bregenz Festival Weeks you´ll get to know new facettes of our country.

The restaurant owners of the province work together with the local farmers,

to change their produce into culinary specialities of the region.

Use the opportunity to get to know the small towns of the valleys. The densely populated Rheintal valley and the Walgau region, with its few but picturesque towns have a lot to offer. The medieval town center of Feldkirch with the Schattenburg castle. Bregenz doesn´t only has the Festival Weeks, but also Lake Constance or examples of contemporary architecture. Dornbirn, a town with its own special flair, has many popular bars and restaurants in the town center.

Farm holidays - something really special for children.
Children have the opportunity to experience real farmlife and test their creativity. See the joy and fun children have in rural surroundings.

Farm holidays all year round!

In summer the work of the farmers can be experienced outside; in winter the peace, recreation and relaxation of the farmers is being passed on to the guest. After a day skiing in the various ski areas you can choose between opposites. On some evening you´ll enjoy the peace and quiet of the farm, on others enjoy lively apres-ski life. In winter, when life isn´t so hard for farmers, they´ll have more time to spend with their guests.

Farm holidays - sustainable life:
Your hosts don´t want to reduce guests to a number, but see them as individual persons. Every guests is being cared for with the needed attention. Experience the special atmosphere on a farm and feel the "spirit" of a region. Problems of everyday life are left behind. Children and adults will keep the impressions in their memory for a long time.

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