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RIDING in clear mountain air

Guided riding are a gem

Fly through the gras,
feel the wind, become one with the horse,
hear the breath of the horse,
which jumps easily...
A feeling of freedom!

VIDEO ORTNERHOF Alpine Horse Trail

SUMMER and WINTER (on request)

Once you fell in love with horses, it will never end.

HIKING riding along the creek to the pastures.
Professional care through hans, the owner and guide.

Haflinger horses will carry through the great mountian scenery along the valley - 5 hours. Treat yourself to a snack in the rustic pasture kitchen.

Only fun during RIDING in nature - 1-3 hours. Comfortable riding in the group relieves tensions and lets you forget about everyday stress. Home then at a faster pace.

RIDING instruction for all levels on our own riding farm.


pet them, make them beautiful, braid their hair - Meggie, the pony looks forward to meeting you. Western saddle for cowboys....

During a stay on our farm, you will develop a special relationship with horses.

Get up in the morning and wake up your horse.
Feed, stroke and curry, scratch out hooves, muck out the stables and take care of the saddlery: there is always something to do about a horse, all of it part of riding.

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