Cathedral - Grisons

A few steps to the south of the Episcopal Castle is the impressive St Maria Himmelfahrt cathedral. While composed of diverse elements of style and construction, the building itself is an imposingly unified structure.

Dating from the late romanesque period, the Cathedral was built between 1150 and 1272. During excavations in 1928, the remains of two earlier buildings were found. The first seems to date from 450 and the second, from about 760. The tower, with its baroque dome, was built around 1600.

The floorplan of the basilica is slightly rhombic. Standing before the entrance of the front crypt are four pillars dating from the beginning of the 13th century and representing the larger-than-life apostles. The Carolingian sculptures found in the altar of Saint Laurentius and the altar of the crypt are among the oldest stonework of the Cathedral.

Part of the Cathedral's treasure is on display in the Cathedral Museum (Dommuseum). Opening hours Dommuseum: Mo-Fr 10am-midday, 2pm-4pm; by appointment only.

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