Langwies Viaduct - Grisons

A ride on the Arosa-Express

A ride on the Arosa-Express

journey with the Arosa-Express of the Rhaetic Railway (RhB) from Chur to Arosa is a veritable experience! On 26 kilometres, the train overcomes a difference in altitude of no less than 1157 metres (3800 ft), and without a cogwheel!

Of the 40 bridges that are crossed on the way, the Langwieser viaduct is probably the best-known. The longest bridge on the railway network of the RhB is 287 metres (313 yards) long, and stands 62 metres (203 ft) above the bottom of the valley of the gushing Plessur river. The viaduct with its central arch of 100 metres span is a iron-concrete construction of the first half of this century and was celebrated as a pioneering work for its boldness and elegance far beyond the Swiss borders.

7050 Arosa, Switzerland