Heimatmuseum Bodmen Blitzingen (local history museum) - Blitzingen

Blitzingen Heimatmuseum Bodmen Blitzingen (local history museum) Image - Blitzingen Valais

For over 40 years, Albert Diezig from Blitzingen has collected objects of his hometown from the pre-industrial era. Since 1997 he presents his collection in an old apartment at the Bodmen hamlet near Blitzingen.

Furniture, household equipment, home-fabricated laundry and religious wall-ornaments, but also objects of domestic craftsmanship give an impression of earlier living in the Obergoms. The actual core of the exhibition, however, are the objects that belong local agriculture.

Thanks to the collector's comments, who is a former farmer himself, the visitor gets an impression of the agricultural milk economy of former days in the Goms, also its cattle breeding, milk processing and cultivation of the soil. And you will be introduced in the find differences between a threshing club and a threshing rod or between the shepherd's stick for herding goats and a shepherd's stick for cattle...

Albert Diezig-Walker
3989 Blitzingen, Switzerland

Tel.: +41(0)27 971 13 25
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