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Lake Walchensee

  • Area: 16.27 km²
  • Depth: 192.3 m
  • Width: 5 km
  • Length: 6.7 km
-3-1 °C

One of Bavaria's cleanest lakes with great water quality!

Walchensee is popular with sailors and surfers as well as with people who just want to swim and relax! With its easily accessible shoreline, natural gravel beaches and quiet recreation areas, Walchensee is an ideal location which suits all tastes.
The flat beaches are perfectly suited to families, with a water temperature of 18 - 22°C. The beaches can be accessed from the towns of Walchensee, Urfeld and Einsiedl, on the Zwergern peninsula, between Urfeld and Sachenbach and on the southern shore of Walchensee.
Water rescue services are situated in the town of Walchensee and on the southern shore, and are present at the lake from early May to mid-September, on weekends and holidays.
Lake Walchensee
Ringstraße 1
82432 Walchensee, Germany
Tel.: +49 (88) 58 411
Fax: +49 (88) 58 275

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