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Romeno is a lovely village situated on a sunny highland and surrounded by pinewoods crossed by many paths. In spite of the many fires which repeatedly destroyed the wooden parts of the houses, it still preserves many typical elegant buildings. Mattia Lampi who went to live there in 1720 painted many frescoes on their walls while a monument is dedicated to his son Giambattista (1751-1830).
Roman fragments of great interest were found in this area. According to traditional historiography, the place-name derives from "Romani" or "Romaini" - place inhabited by Roman immigrants who were part of the native populations. The old parish church of the Assumption is of great interest. In the southern part of the village you can find the Maso of St. Bartolomeo (915 m) where you can visit the ex-hospital and the monastery of the Fathers of St. Antonio from Vienna. Nearby the interesting church of the Saints Tommaso and Bartolomeo which was documented ever since 1191 or maybe even earlier.
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Romeno can easily be reached from north and south on the state road SS 43 (signpost Valle di Non - Passo Mendola), SS 42 - (Tonale-Mendola).
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The nearest railway station is Trento (Munich-Rome, Valsugana-Trento-Venice); train Trento-Malé.
The nearest airports are Catullo in Verona (90 km distance), Marco Polo in Venice (195 km), Milano Linate (245 km) and the new airport in Bolzano (60 km).
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