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Verrayes, with its chief town 1,017 m a.s.l., is a municipality with one thousand inhabitants, divided into numerous districts. Of ancient country tradition, this town is full of precious, flowing water used for agriculture.
Today, the economy of the town is mainly based on small companies making various products which were set up in the lower, flatter areas of the village, near the main road network passing through the valley.
The particularly mild climate, with a sunny position on a moraine terrace, the picturesque woodland, rich and varied flora and fauna and a very characteristic picnic area in the Champlong district (1,648 m) offer the possibility of attractive, fascinating walks.
From Champlong there is a walk that is accessible to everyone, on the Becca d'Aver, from where you can admire the entire central Dora Valley.
It is connected to Torgnon via Colle di San Pantaleone, which offers a panoramic view over the Marmore Valley, Cervino and the surrounding mountains.
The study of a prehistoric find is ongoing in the area, while we are sure of the importance of the settlement during the Roman era as a copper store located near the more recent marble quarries.
The parish church of San Martino is a reconstruction on the ruins of a pre-existing building from an older era; with a Latin cross layout, it was completed at the end of the nineteenth century. There is an interesting bell-tower dating back to the XV century. Casa Saluard is worth visiting together with the numerous churches in the various villages.
Close by you can visit the equipped arboretum created by Canon Vescoz; between 1905 and 1909 he planted around 11,000 forest plants and also some exotic species (sequoia, cedar, cypress, etc.).
At 1,500 m the Lozon pond nature reserve was established to protect an interesting wetland which presents a vast assortment of hygrophilous plant species.
Hang gliders can avail of a landing field for anyone gliding from Becca D'Aver.
In Verrayes you can take part in traditional, popular sports such as "tsan" and "palets", organised into regional tournaments.
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Arrival & Address

A5 Km.13 (exit Châtillon - St-Vincent)

SS 26 until Chambave, then crossroads SR 11 of Verrayes
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8 km from Chambave railway station - Line Aosta - Chivasso - Torino

Line Châtillon - Pontey - St-Denis - Verrayes - Line Aosta - St-Barthélemy (SAVDA)
AIAT Saint Vincent
Via Roma 62
11027 Saint Vincent, Italy
Verrayes - Verrayes Valle d'Aosta