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Among the sloping woodland, with its majestic Gran Paradiso massif (4,061 m) the only "4,000" peak in all of Italy, offering a natural amphitheatre that dominates and characterises the landscape, this narrow, 24 kilometre long valley is a real paradise for lovers of nature and everything that is still authentic, wild and people-friendly.
Dégioz is the district where the municipal offices of Valsavarenche are located.
At 1,540 metres above sea level, it is little more than a village: it is characterised by the parish church of Madonna del Carmine, which dates back to 1483. Umberto I of Savoy, a lover and fairly frequent visitor to this valley, had the damaged church reconstructed at his expense.
Near the offices of the Park Authority, in the main road through the village, you can access the Visitors Centre that develops the predators theme, in particular lynx, without forgetting the mountain library and the ethnographic museum to delve into pure, Alpine civilisation.
From Pont di Valsavarenche mountaineers leave for their Gran Paradiso ascents.
Valsavarenche is definitely one of the most visited districts for excursionists, who can avail of a number of easily, passable paths; there are plenty of mountaineering destinations. The majority of the tracks still in use today were built (with support walls, base in stone and ditches to allow rainwater to flow) by the House of Savoy royals who would come here hunting.
The tourist-hotel facilities, which are subject to very severe standards by the Park Authority, offer good accommodation for enthusiastic visitors to this valley.
Winter in Valsavarenche is particularly heavenly for anyone in search of quiet, cross-country skiing, mountaineering skiing and walks with snowshoes, as well as the downhill skiing piste.
A classic, traditional food event takes place the second Saturday in August called the "Festa del Civet": a food festival dedicated to "Civet (cooked Chamois). The meat is marinated for a few days in plenty of aromatic wine with spices. It is then stuffed, giving the dish a particularly strong and aromatic flavour, which is typical of the mountain areas.
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  • Opening: 14.12.12 - 21.04.13 city: Valsavarenche Region: Province of Aosta
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Arrival & Address

16 km from A5 (exit Aosta ovest)

SS 26 until Villeneuve, then SR 23 of Valsavarenche
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14 km from Villeneuve railway station

Line Aosta - Valsavarenche (SAVDA)
AIAT Grand Paradis
Loc. Trepont 90
11018 Villeneuve, Italy
Valsavarenche - Valsavarenche Valle d'Aosta