Church La Collegiata di Maria Assunta - Arco

Chiesa Collegiata di Arco-Lake Garda - Arco Trentino

This old church in the Romanesque-Gothic style, already mentioned in 1144, was raised to the ground and rebuilt in 1613 according to a design by G. Maria Filippi di Dasindo. The monumental collegiate church represents one of the most significant examples of Trentino Renaissance churches. Reminiscent of the Palladium, it follows the tradition of Romanesque basilicas built on a longitudinal axis. The fourteen powerful buttresses holding up the center hall and the 61 meter high belfry, bestow on the church a particularly original architectural appearance. Inside, the magnificent nave features eight side altars with works attributed to Brusaorci and Caliari, and there is a priceless painting too by Domenico Brusaorci.

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