Schlern Nature Park - Kastelruth/Castelrotto

The Schlern Nature Park offers just about everything to the nature enthusiast:

miles of flower-studded pastures to walk, steep slopes and rocks to climb for the more audacious, crystal-clear streams to cool those aching limbs after a long hike...and all this in the heart of one of Europe´s most bizarre rock formations - the Dolomites.
The Schlern Nature Park ("Naturpark Schlern") covers an area of 58.5 square kilometers. At its center there is the towering massif that is the Schlern mountain, a shape familiar to everyone who has visited South Tyrol. Together with the nearby Seiseralm/Alpe di Siusi Landscape Preservation Area (adding another 68.17 sq. km to the tally) it forms one large, contiguous nature preserve which encompasses also the alpine woods around the villages of Völs, Seis, Tiers, and the Tschamintal valley.
In a depression at the very bottom of the Schlern mountain there is the Völser Weiher, a calm and beautiful mountain lake, nice and warm in the summer and frozen over in the winter. But swimming, ice-skating, walking and rock-climbing are just few of the many activities for which the beauty, diversity and calmness of the Schlern area provides the perfect venue.

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