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Alpine hut tour - North Italy

From the upper terminal of the cable car to the Alpe Tognola you descend along a gravel track to the saddle of Malga Tognola,

there choosing a gravel road to the base terminal of the ski lift and immediately after to a small brigde over the Tognola torrent. You then follow the trail taking you to a meadow along flat countryside with a few technically more demanding passages. From there you need to choose your trail variant: from the meadow you descend along a gravl trail to the Tognola forest road which takes you back to the parking lot of the base terminal of the cable car; or from the meadow you climb up a steep road towards the ski pistes for about 1 km to the upper terminal of a cable car, from where you can descend along the gravel trail of the ski pistes towards Malga Ces - Pian dell Cartucce. You then descend further down to San Martino and the cable car terminal.

whole-day excursion

- Sport: Mountain bike

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