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Hotel Thaya

Car ParkNo Swimming PoolNo Indoor Swimming PoolDry Heat Saunapets welcomeRestaurant
Four Star 4 Stars
- Raabs a. d. Thaya, Austria

Look forward to your stay in Hotel Thaya. You can see the historic castle from your guest room, and the comfortable ambience creates an atmospheric feeling of ease. Find rest and relaxation in the health spa. After a sauna session, refresh yourself with a dip in the river Thaya simply divine. Seasonal dishes are served in the traditional Lärchenstube tavern.

This country hotel is situated at the heart of Raabs an der Thaya. A lovely destination for an excursion is the nearby Raabs Castle, which towers high over the town atop a rocky outcrop. It was built in the middle ages and consists of several well-preserved buildings and two inner courtyards. It is well worth a visit.

Beds and Rooms

  • 1 Single Room(s)
  • 29 Double room(s)

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Earliest Check-in: 14:00
Latest Check-out: 10:00
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Franz Strohmer
Hauptstraße 14-16
3820 Raabs an der Thaya, Austria
Phone +432846202
Fax: +43284620220
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Holiday in Lower Austria, Hotel Raabs a. d. Thaya